Phenom Foundation

Phenom Foundation is a non profit 501C3 corporation based in Miami Beach, Florida with satellite locations in Chicago and New York City. The primary focus of the organization is to save and rescue dogs, by providing resources to groups and individuals, that have an out sized impact in what they do compared to what they have.

The foundation is taking a dynamic approach to potentially disrupting the entire adoption and fostering process of animals in America. In addition, we are focusing on our strengths (marketing and relationships) in building a powerful and influential network that can facilitate the rescue and redemption of dogs around the world.





“The rescuers in Venezuela were down to their last $17 when your help arrived. We really needed the funds to buy food, cover veterinary assistance and pay/neuter strays. Thank you very much for this help and for making the assistance for unprotected animals during difficult times possible. You did such a good thing”. -Laura, The Harmony Fund
“The Phenom Foundation has done so much for the Satos (stray dogs) of Puerto Rico this last year. I can honestly say that our rescues could not have happened without the Phenom Foundation. Our last rescue mission in July of 2016 was one of our toughest but all 3 dogs rescued on that trip are now healthy and have all been adopted on the east coast thanks to Phenom. We are very excited for future collaborations!”-Andrea (Adventure Satos)